New Fortnite Leak May Be Teasing The Return Of Thanos


Marvel’s Thanos could soon be making his return to Fortnite.

That’s according to prolific data miner Mang0e, at least, who believes new files uncovered in the battle royale’s 15.40 patch directly allude to the Titan revisiting Apollo Island during Season 5. Evidence for this, they say, comes in the form of a male animation added with this week’s update specifically for the XL character model. As for how something so seemingly vague could be connected to the Avengers’ most fearsome foe, Mang0e notes that Thanos’ plus-sized skin is the only one that currently exists in the game, naturally making him the runaway favorite.

Of course, the supervillain last appeared in Epic’s mega-popular title back in 2019 as part of a limited-time event that tasked players with preventing the warlord’s Chitauri army from obtaining the all-powerful Infinity Stones. With the cinematic saga now concluded, though, we can’t help but wonder why there’d be any reason to bring the purple-skinned menace back to Fortnite.

Thanos Fortnite

Perhaps justification could come in the form of Zero Point’s overarching theme. After all, Jones has spent the last two months recruiting hunters – Predator, the Terminator, The Walking Dead‘s Michonne and Daryl, and many, many others – from across all reality for reasons yet to be discerned. Thanos, known primarily for his quest to hunt down the six Infinity Stones, would, at the very least, fit the theme.

Alternatively, an equally likely outcome is that Epic simply intends to add an all-new XL character, though that eventuality in itself begs the question of who could be joining the ranks in a future update. Think you have the answer? Be sure to share your best guesses with us in the usual place down below!