New Fortnite Map Shows All Potential Respawn Van Locations


Fortnite‘s much-discussed inclusion of a respawn feature could be closer to hitting the live game than first believed. Developer Epic Games has already hinted at the inclusion of such a system by way of prior comments, singling out Season 8 as a timeframe for when fans can expect to hear more on the potential feature.

That eighth seasonal refresh is already upon us, of course, so more details are bound to be forthcoming soon, but already, players have discovered what are believed to be the first components of the update already present in the form of so-called respawn vans. Around 20 of the currently non-functional vehicles have been found scattered throughout Battle Island, heavily implying their inclusion is of some importance, especially when a user-made map marking each one’s location is taken into account.

See for yourself below:

Generally speaking, there’s an even amount of space between each van’s resting place, the majority of which appear to be purposely plonked right in the middle of hot spots where players are most likely to converge in order to grab the best potential starting loot. This is all based on the assumption that the vans are being primed as Fortnite‘s own spin on a respawn mechanic, but considering the above, all signs currently point to their purpose being exactly that.

In lieu of Apex Legends providing players with the opportunity to bring back fallen comrades in the midst of a match, the push for a similar feature in Fortnite has gained massive traction and at this point, I’d be surprised if Epic doesn’t have more to share on the topic soon. In the meantime, though, there’s plenty to keep you busy until additional details for Fortnite‘s potentially biggest mechanical change come to light, as Season 8 is chock-full of cosmetic-awarding challenges and treasure maps to complete, the latter of which just launched yesterday.

Source: Reddit

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