Fortnite Patch 11.10 Adds Storm King LTM, Halloween Cosmetics And More

Fortnite Photo

Fortnite‘s glorious rebirth earlier this month has gone off (mostly) without a hitch.

With Battle Island now relegated to non-existence after being devoured by a black hole, new map Apollo has arrived to take its place, boasting not only a slew of fresh locations for players to explore but a number of features, too. Hideouts and fishing, in particular, have managed to shake-up the battle royale’s previously stale metagame and, as always, this initial raft of improvements is only just the beginning for Chapter 2.

Now that the dust has settled and developer Epic Games has had time to catch its breath after delivering Fortnite‘s new season, schedules have returned to normal. Weekly content updates have recommenced, then, the first of which arrived earlier today. Before we dive in and unpack the contents of patch 11.10, however, check out the spooktastic gallery below for a peek at the new cosmetics added.

All of the above skins, Back Bling and Pickaxes are available for purchase now via Fortnite‘s in-game store, though if you were hoping for new playable content with today’s update, fear not – there’s a new Limited-Time Mode in town. Team up with likeminded players in the so-called Storm King LTM and stop the monstrosity from destroying Apollo Island. Emerge victorious and you’ll be awarded with a commemorative umbrella.

And that’s a wrap! As usual, data miners will undoubtedly waste no time in pulling apart this week’s patch in an effort to uncover any buried secrets and we’ll keep you posted on that front, should anything come up. For now, though, Halloween is in full swing for all players.

As for those who are only just returning to explore what Fortnite Chapter 2 has to offer, see here for our in-depth breakdown of all the key features.