Fortnite Player Discovers Awesome New Way To Open Supply Drops


Even now, after so many people have played it for so many hours, folks are still finding new ways to up their game in Fortnite. And this latest trick is one that you’ll definitely want to make note of.

As you surely know, Supply Drops often occur in different locations around the map and drop at random throughout the match. They’re easy to spot, too, as blue smoke indicates where the drop will land. Of course, it can take some time for them to get there and the longer you wait around, the more chance you have of being picked off by other players all making their way to the same spot in the hope of getting the goods for themselves.

But the other issue with Supply Drops is that they can be a drain on ammo. One way to make them drop down quicker is to shoot at them and take out their health bar. Again, this wastes precious ammunition and can also alert enemies to your whereabouts. And so, enter this new trick, which allows you to open them in a much smarter and safer way.

Reddit user Zaidkhalifa has shared the below video and frankly, it’s rather brilliant. See for yourself (or click the media if it won’t play):

Best method to get to open up a supply drop from FortNiteBR

As you can see, all you’ll need to do is head to the smoke and once you’re in it, use three balloons to be lifted into the air. You’ll then find yourself stopped by the Supply Drop – as long as you get the positioning right – and from there, you can just open it. You’ll then want to release the balloons and make a safe landing.

All in all, it’s a neat little Fortnite trick that folks will surely start using and as we mentioned above, it’s great to see that people are still finding new ways to play the game even this long after release.

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