Fortnite Reveals New Ghostbusters: Afterlife Crossover


If you’re a fan of Epic Games’ popular survival video game, Fortnite, you may have noticed a few spooky changes in the game today. There’s been a ghastly (or ghostly) detection, and it’s up to you to go hunting. Can you find out who—or what—is causing it?

If you saw Epic Games’ news post that described new and upcoming Fortnite updates, you may already know what’s causing that disturbance, and it’s a real treat. To celebrate Ghostbusters: Afterlife coming to theaters next month, the battle royale has introduced a punch card that gives you Ghostbusters-themed quests to complete.

“With Containment Specialist’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife Punchard, deploy Seismographs, take out mini-Pufts, and more to unlock the No Ghost Back Bling — inspired by the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife film.“

Upon completing the quests, you’ll be able to don the No Ghost Back Bling to prove that you ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Some fans have already shared what the quests will look like when you log into Fortnite to play and more information on how to complete them.

Are you looking forward to completing the Fortnite challenges to celebrate Ghostbusters: Afterlife? Have you already begun knocking them out today? Let us know, and don’t forget—you can see Ghostbusters: Afterlife in theaters on November 19th.