Fortnite Season 5 Might Be Getting Matrix And Witcher Crossovers


As Nexus War did before it with an all-star cast consisting of characters from the Marvel universe, Fortnite‘s current season is drawing from multiple franchises to bolster its ranks of familiar faces.

Over the last several weeks, tears in reality – anomalous portals that always precede the arrival of someone or something from pop culture – have been spontaneously appearing all over Apollo Island as a result of Jones’ attempts to recruit the universe’s most fearsome hunters. For what cause they’ve been drafted in to fight for remains to be seen (we expect Zero Point’s finale to make sense of that), though the threat is clearly large enough to justify the creation of a small army.

Kratos, Master Chief, Predator, Din Djarin and Terminator are just some of the renowned hunters to have so far made the journey at the behest of Epic Games and the developer seemingly has absolutely no plans of slowing down just yet.

Indeed, if packages sent to content creators and influencers prior to Season 5’s beginning are any indication, there are several collaborations still to come. Items included in each aforementioned parcel either yet to be deciphered or conclusively attributable to a particular character are as follows:

  • Hand Wraps
  • Gold Backscratcher
  • Space Bananas
  • Ant Farm
  • Red/Blue Jellybeans
  • Coins

Some of these are more obvious than others regarding who they allude to, of course (e.g. the Ant Farm almost certainly corresponds to Ant-Man), but what of those considered vaguer in nature?

For the Red/Blue Jellybeans, fans believe they’re referencing a famous scene from the original Matrix film, while the coins could be hinting at an appearance by The Witcher‘s Geralt of Rivia. Assuming both theories are true, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the former represented with skins for Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). It’s worth noting that Reeves has already shown up in Fortnite as John Wick, so we could definitely imagine this one happening. However, this is all just speculation and could ultimately prove incorrect.

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