Fortnite Season 8 Cinematic Trailer Kicks Off The Treasure Hunt


It’s finally here, folks!

Yes, Fortnite Season 8 is now live, and it brings with it a pirate theme chock-full of hidden treasure and active volcanoes, all of which are on full display in the brand new trailer up above. Combining all the new themes of the season – exploration, ruins, etc. – it sends the characters on what appears to be an epic treasure hunt and teases gamers with what awaits them.

The three individuals featured here are the Ice King, who hails from the map’s southwest corner, Prisoner, who arrives from the newly formed volcano, and Blackhart, the pirate captain. It’s a race to find the treasure but the cinematic cuts off before we get to see who claims it. Regardless, it’s still an exciting vertical slice that should get folks more than ready to dive right into Season 8.

Speaking of which, this latest content dump for Fortnite is a crucial one, as not only is the game still reeling from a sluggish January – revenue across all platforms dropped 48 percent when compared to December 2018 – but this is also the first time that Epic’s megahit will be going toe-to-toe with Apex Legends, a new shooter from Respawn Entertainment that’s beginning to take the industry by storm and might just become the #1 battle royale title.

Mind you, it’ll take something truly special to dethrone Fortnite once and for all, particularly after Epic saw a $3 billion profit surge in 2018, but it’d be foolish to write off Apex‘s chances just yet.

But we digress. Season 8 of Fortnite is now live and and we’ll be bringing you a lot more on all its new challenges, skins and everything else it has to offer throughout the rest of the week, so stay tuned.