Fortnite V10.20 Patch Brings A Borderlands Crossover

Fortnite season 10

Season X has been a bit of a bumpy ride for Fortnite. Most of this has centered on the introduction of B.R.U.T.E.s, powerful mech suits that players have almost unanimously agreed have ruined the game’s balance. After much consternation, Epic finally nerfed them in a recent stealth patch. The jury’s still out on whether this will completely fix the problem, but right now, it at least seems to have made things a little better.

In addition to that, Epic has also just announced the latest patch (v10.20) for Fortnite, which features a promotional crossover with Borderlands 3. Entitled Fortnite x Mayhem, the patch brings a bunch of Borderlands-related content to the game, with the most prominent being the Pandora Rift Zone. This can be found at the oasis near Paradise Palms and recreates a small slice of the Borderlands setting within Fortnite. 

Interestingly this won’t be just a cosmetic change, with the patch promising that some Borderlands rules will apply once you’re in the Rift. For example, players’ shields will begin to regenerate after four seconds of not taking damage. You’ve got just over two weeks to check this out, as it’ll only be available until September 10th.

Other new features include a Shield Bubble item. This is the kind of item that’ll be familiar to Halo players, essentially creating a forcefield that they can fire out of, but protects them from harm, too. It’ll be a rare item that provides 400HP of protection and will last for 30 seconds.

Another addition is a further minor nerf to the B.R.U.T.E., as its icon will remain visible on the map to all players after it being used. This will allow folks to follow, avoid and work out how best to counter it. Finally, the Storm Flip, Drum Gun and Storm Scout Sniper Rifle are being vaulted.

The patch is already live, so be sure to grab it and once you do, come find me in Fortnite‘s little slice of Pandora.