Fortnite’s Leaked Zapper Trap Gadget Looks Absurdly Powerful

Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite players will soon have access to a brand new toy if recent leaks are anything to go by. Seasoned and consistently reliable data-miner FortTory recently took another deep dive into the battle royale’s files and has since emerged with a bounty of new secrets and details to share. Included in the treasure trove of details that Epic has clearly given up attempting to hide from prying eyes are several references to what’s being tentatively (it could be the final name but nothing’s official just yet) dubbed the Zapper Trap.

As per FortTory’s documentation, the Zapper will be available only in Epic rarity when its release window rolls around and boasts several interesting properties. We’ll get to those in just a moment but first, check out the new gadget that thousands of players the world over will assuredly come to detest in the weeks ahead.

As for its aforementioned abilities, the Zapper Trap is said to be placeable on a variety of different surfaces including floors, walls and even roofs. That last one will certainly prompt many Battle Island regulars to cast their eyes upward before barging into an enemy stronghold, though even the most cautious minds will inevitably sink their foot into its electrified borders on occasion. What fate befalls those that do? It’s presently not entirely clear whether Epic intends for the device to hinder the movement of those affected or simply cause damage.

Interestingly, the initial leak suggests that, unlike other traps, the Zapper can be deployed on enemy buildings as well as your own, though like everything else, this remains unconfirmed. How long fans are forced to wait until the truth is revealed remains to be seen, though if the precedent set by previous premature reveals is any indication, Fortnite‘s so-called Zapper Trap could arrive as early as this week. Stay tuned.