City Of Heroes Issue 20 Arrives

Paragon Studios has just released a new content pack for City of Heroes on the Mac/PC. Building on its current story from the previously released City of Heroes ‘Going Rogue’ expansion pack, players will be introduced to the new Incarnate Trials mode, which will allow you to partake in group encounters with new game mechanics created to put even the most robust characters to the test.

Taking place in the seemingly utopian empire of Praetoria, Heroes and Villains will find themselves challenged with a cosmic threat that could destroy two worlds. Those players who successfully pass the new team challenges will rise in power, and perhaps even surpass the legendary characters of the City of Heroes universe.

Check out more info below and see all the new features this content pack will include.

“Access to the Incarnate Trials and Incarnate Powers requires the City of Heroes Going Rogue expansion. Since its inception in 2004, Paragon Studios has delivered a total of 20 free major updates to the franchise.

A complete list of features for players to look for includes:

New Incarnate Powers*: Issue 20 introduces four new tiers of Incarnate Powers , new abilities that modify your character’s powers, or even unlock all-new ones. Massive elemental attacks, unparalleled healing powers and high-tech summons are just a taste of what the increasingly omnipotent Incarnates will experience.

New Incarnate Trials*: Firmly rooted in the lore of City of Heroes, the Incarnate Trials will use all-new tech, systems and gameplay mechanics to deliver exciting challenges and propel Heroes and Villains to new levels of power. 8-24 players can team up to fight against the power-driven Emperor Cole and his powerful Lieutenants. Issue 20 launches with the following two Incarnate Trials, with more to come in future updates as the war between Praetoria and Primal Earth escalates.

Behavioral Adjustment Facility (BAF): Breaking into Praetoria’s most secure prison will require players to use all their skills as they face Emperor Cole’s cybernetic guardians, Siege and Nightstar, while also keeping floods of inmates from escaping in a challenge that’s akin to a game of reverse tower defense.

Lambda Sector: This heavily fortified military base is where Emperor Cole mass-produces his genetically-engineered Olympian Guard troopers. By taking out Lambda Sector and its deadly warden, Marauder, players will deal a critical blow to Cole’s army.

New Task Forces: The Admiral Sutter Task Force and Mortimer Kal Strike Force are designed for Heroes and Villains of level 20-40, allowing lower level characters to participate in the overall story surrounding the invasion of Primal Earth and the mystery surrounding the Incarnates.

New Grouping Features: For the first time, up to 48 players can now team up in a single group with the new League system. The Looking for Group system has also been upgraded with the Team-Up Teleporter, a new UI feature that allows players to easily queue up for the all-new Incarnate Trials, instantly transporting characters to the event once a full group is formed.”

With all these new and free features, it would be a shame for current or new players of City of Heroes to miss out. And with two of the most challenging and exciting end game encounters being reported, I for one will be checking this out.