Free-To-Play MMO Skyforge Coming To PlayStation 4 This Spring


Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment’s free-to-play MMO Skyforge is coming to PlayStation 4 in spring 2017, it’s been announced. Playable in open beta since 2015 on PC, Skyforge puts gamers in the role of a larger than life hero that has been given the gift of immortality by the guardian god Aeli. The deity doesn’t just dole out such a precious power to any random passer-by, though – there’s a constant war going on between the citizens of Aelion (that’s where you live) and a bunch of alien miscreants that want nothing more than to take control of the planet.


With Aeli having mysteriously vanished by the events of Skyforge, it’s up to you and other players to protect the world from such entities, and you get to look good doing it, too. You can get an idea of what to expect of the game’s combat come spring by giving the PS4 announcement trailer above a quick watch, which, according to the game’s producer Volker Boenigk, has combat mechanics “you won’t come across in just any other MMO.”

14 classes are currently available, all of which can be switched between on a whim, meaning players aren’t confined to a strict role. There’s an eclectic range of jobs to pick from, too, as the title mixes sci-fi and fantasy elements in equal measure.

If this all sounds right up your alley, registering your PSN account on the official Skyforge website will award a free Immortal Pack (pictured above) on release day, which includes a Cyber Costume, Halo and Glowing Eyes. Although the PlayStation Blog post makes no mention of it, the above trailer labels Skyforge as releasing in March on PlayStation 4, so expect it to drop relatively soon.