Free-To-Play Shooter Loadout Coming To The PlayStation 4


Sony announced today that Edge Of Reality’s free-to-play shooter, Loadout, will be coming to the PlayStation 4. The over-the-top multiplayer title has been available on the PC since January 2014 and has received mostly positive reviews.

Featuring complete customization for both weapons and characters, Loadout is a fresh take on both the third person shooter genre as well as free-to-play games. With the title now coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4 and the controls being optimized for the DualShock 4, a whole new group of gamers will be able to experience the bloody mayhem that Loadout provides.

The PS4 has already played host to an assortment of free-to-play titles (Warframe, Blacklight: Retribution), so the fact that Loadout is coming to the console is not too surprising. That doesn’t mean it isn’t exciting news to hear, though, especially for someone like me, who doesn’t necessarily have the PC horsepower to run the title properly but has been eager to check it out.

Edge of Reality will surely release more information on Loadout for the PlayStation 4 in the coming months, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out the trailer below and let us know if you’ll be picking the game up when it arrives for the PS4.