Apex Legends Leak Suggests Respawn’s Considering A PvE Survival Mode

Apex Legends

The last few days have seen an influx of leaked data from the game of the moment, Apex Legends. In much the same way as Fortnite before it, dedicated players have dug through every inch of code to try and figure out what might be coming down the line. Along the way, they’ve turned up evidence that Respawn are experimenting with larger and smaller squad sizes, details about upcoming (or unused) weapons and even some specifications for a hoverbike vehicle. Now, it seems that there’s evidence for a full-on new game mode, which seems to be of the PvE survival variety.

As reported by Gaming Intel, it sounds like this new mode might involve players fighting computer-controlled bots in front of an NPC audience. From the code they’ve turned up, it seems that they’ll react to what’s going on based on how you’re doing, with their available actions including chat, roar, cheer, shock and drone.

From the looks of things, some hard work has gone into making this crowd as responsive as possible, with each member of it having various animation loops and special reactions to unique events. If a crowd going bananas at your actions wasn’t enough to get you hyped, then there’s also data that suggests there’ll be commentary on how you’re doing, with the commentators either praising you for your awesome display of skill or berating you for a terrible performance.

These are all neat ideas and it’ll be interesting to see if something like this comes down the line in Apex Legends. As always, don’t take the mere mention of this in the code as confirmation it’ll make it to full release. After all, these could always be ideas tested and discarded during development.

In any case, though the fan community has begun to conclude that they might have discovered as much as they can in the current code, Apex Legends will be updated frequently and with every new patch comes the possibility of further clues to the future, so be sure to stay tuned.