Frictional Games Teases New Amnesia Title

In a move that is both great for gamers and companies that produce underpants, Frictional Games has launched a website teasing the next Amnesia game. The website features text stating, “Amnesia” and, “Something is emerging…” Then, there’s a link to a Google map of China.

Ok, so I don’t have a whole lot to work with here. However, our friends over at Rock Paper Shotgun did a little bit of detective work and found out that the site is in fact registered to Friction. They also discovered the following description: “3D game, Frictional Games, advanced physics, survival horror, action adventure, first person, horror, scary, HPL, work in progress, upcoming game, next frictional game, game development.” Absolute poetry.

If you haven’t subjected to yourself to Amnesia: The Dark Descent yet, you’ve been missing out on a truly terrifying experience. And, if this means I get to soil myself on a new continent, just show me where I have to sign up.

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