Friday The 13th: The Game Dev Working On New Predator Game


In what ultimately turned out to be a bumper edition of Sony’s latest State of Play live stream yesterday, PlayStation 4 owners were treated to a slew of new details for some of the most hotly-anticipated titles. New footage for Final Fantasy VII Remake, as well as Monster Hunter: World‘s gorgeous looking Iceborne expansion were two of the delights on show, but the hype train didn’t pull into the station there. Oh no.

By complete surprise, the platform holder dedicated 60 seconds of air time to revealing IllFonic’s latest project, Predator: Hunting Grounds. Clearly ecstatic with the attention to detail both developers have lavished on Friday The 13th: The Game since launch back in 2017, Fox has opted to place the license of another cinematic horror icon in their talented hands. In terms of gameplay, details are currently slim, though if the blurb accompanying Hunting Grounds‘ reveal trailer (above) is any indication, we’re in for another asymmetrical affair.

“Play as an elite Fireteam charged to complete paramilitary operations while a Predator mercilessly hunts you,” reads the summary, though if you’d prefer to be at the wheel of something more alien in nature, don’t worry – IllFonic’s got you covered. “BE the Predator, armed with all the deadly alien weaponry you’ve grown to love and pursue your prey.”

Sadly, no gameplay footage featured in the trailer. Rather, the cinematic shown establishes one of the game’s primary settings as…yep, you guessed it – a tropical rainforest. That being the case, it goes without saying that IllFonic will be drawing heavy inspiration from the original Predator movie, not just with the setting, but the prey it’ll be hunting. Is it too soon to rule out an Arnold Schwarzenegger cameo? I sincerely hope not.

That about concludes everything we know of Predator’s upcoming video game adventure so far, though with E3 just around the corner, further details should be but a stone’s throw away.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is out next year for PlayStation 4.