Friday The 13th: The Game Heads To Nintendo Switch This Spring


Having already spent the last two years terrorizing would-be escapees of Camp Crystal Lake on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, hockey mask aficionado Jason Vorhees now has his sights set on terrorizing a brand new audience.

Friday The 13th: The Game is confirmed to be making the jump to Nintendo Switch this spring, meaning that, at long last, adorers of the crowdfunded title can play as Jason or his prey while on the go. Though for obvious reason, you’ll probably want to stick a pair of headphones in if you’re itching to go a round with the killer during the daily commute.

The Switch’s portable novelty certainly hasn’t escaped the eyes of publisher Gun Media, either, who’s already come up with humorous marketing material in anticipation of Jason’s migration to Nintendo’s current flagship device. The below image, in particular, has elicited a smirk to form on the face of yours truly.

In regards to content, Gun Media has already communicated that most of the prior DLC released for existing versions of the game – Jason Kill Packs, emotes, customization items – will be included in the Switch version from day one, though certain add-ons (e.g. exclusive Kickstarter backer swag) will be excluded from the package. A new platform for Mr. Vorhees to conquer will come as music to the ears of all Jason fans and Switch owners, then, but it’s not all good news, unfortunately.

The much-publicized legal battle revolving around the film franchise still rages on, meaning that if you were hoping the Switch release could lead to new content, it’d be a good idea to temper those expectations now. The situation remains out of Gun Media’s control and its previous statement on the matter will continue to hold true.

In spite of that predicament, a Switch version of Friday The 13th: The Game is a worthy venture if only to end the decades-long drought since the series called a Nintendo platform home. Welcome home, Jason. We missed you.