Fruit Ninja Kinect To Release 8-Bit Themed DLC

In case staring at the same blank wall was starting to bore you, Halfbrick Studios, developers of the mega hit Fruit Ninja Kinect, have found the cure for background boredom. An 8-bit themed DLC pack for the game will be released this Friday, August 31st for a measly 160 MSP.

Touted as “the first of many more DLC packs planned” for the game, this “8-Bit Cartridge” looks to play as a throwback to the days of classic arcade games and vintage 8-bit graphics. For an expanded explanation of what to expect, check out a part of the press release announcing the DLC:

The DLC features the Super Retro Land background, Game Man shadow and Pixel Love blade – not to mention a complete graphical overhaul as Sensei and his beloved fruit receive a serious downgrade.

There’s no word yet on what the DLC coming later this year for Fruit Ninja Kinect will be, but as long as it’s just as affordable and quirky as the “8-Bit Cartridge” theme, then I’m sure fans will be totally satisfied.

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