Are You Still Having Fun In Destiny? Bungie Wants To Know Your Answer



Check your emails, Guardian – you may have been sent a rather strange one by Bungie asking if you’re still enjoying your time in Destiny. That’s right, it appears as if the studio behind the massively multiplayer online shooter is starting to worry that its legion of players are not as satisfied with the current state of the game as they would have liked.

“How would you rate your most recent experience in Destiny?” – That’s the first question that pops up in the survey, asking fans to rate their experiences on a scale of 1 to 5. The second – and final – question simply asks you to provide your own personal comments to go along with the first answer.

Bungie must have thick skin to send the email out to all of its registered users – they’re bound to receive more than just a few scathing responses in regards to the recent lack of permanent content for Destiny. Since the release of the game’s Taken King expansion at the tail end of last year, there’s been little in the way of new and exciting content, so one certainly can’t blame players for becoming bored of what’s currently on offer.

The Sparrow Racing League, Iron Banner and – more recently – a Valentine’s Day update have all aimed to offer Guardians new things to do while they wait for a potential Destiny 2, but is it enough? Well, you can let the developer know yourself now.

One thing’s for sure, Ubisoft’s The Division is undoubtedly going to encroach on Destiny‘s turf in terms of offering its player base a similar experience, so hopefully the feedback will help them to develop new content going forward.

Don’t just tell Bungie your thoughts, though! Let us know what you think of the current state of Destiny in the comments below. Are you still playing, or have you have you gone into retirement?

Source: VG247

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