Game Company Grappling With Popular Title’s Ban From Nintendo Switch EShop

Dying Light

Nintendo Switch fans in various parts of the world will have to find another way of playing a popular videogame on the franchise since it was banned from the Nintendo eShop in certain regions, generating confusion for many.

The open-world survivor horror game Dying Light has been pulled from availability for Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED users in certain parts of the world, specifically Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. What’s more, it’s not entirely clear why Techland’s zombie game has been yanked.

After one Reddit user on the Dying Light subreddit pointed out the game’s unavailability in a variety of regions, the official Techland Reddit account released a statement about the debacle, saying they confirmed issues with the game’s digital release on the Switch.

“If you’re talking about the digital version, then due to nature of content the digital version of the game is currently banned in Germany where European e-Shop is officially registered. This is making it impossible to officially distribute the game in European countries and also in Australia and New Zealand…We are currently working with our partner and local authorities to remove the ban as soon as we can,” Techland said.

The company went on to say that the game is available worldwide via retail, even in the countries without access to the digital version. Unfortunately, if you prefer digital-only and live in those regions, however, there’s currently no way to access it.

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