God of War 2 PS5 Announcement May Be Arriving Tomorrow

God of War

Yesterday, video game designer Jeff Shroff retweeted a post from Sony urging fans to attend their digital PS5 reveal event on June 11th. Given that Shroff worked as the lead engineer on God of War, many fans suspect that his retweeting the announcement indicates Santa Monica is getting ready to reveal the first footage of their hotly-anticipated sequel to 2017’s instant classic.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the property, God of War is a hack-and-slash video game franchise that started back in 2005. Developed by Santa Monica Studios, it centers around Kratos, a Spartan general who seeks to avenge his family’s death by murdering the war god who caused their downfall.

God of War

The original trilogy, which finished up by 2010 and spanned two generations of consoles, saw Kratos murder not just Ares, but his brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents and pretty much any other resident of Mount Olympus. When Kratos had slaughtered every Greek deity in existence, his story seemed over.

That is, until the developers saw a way to continue. Under the leadership of Cory Barlog, who directed the second entry of the series for the PS2 in 2007, Kratos was taken from Greece to Scandinavia, given a biological son, and set on a quest that had him carve his way through the Norse pantheon while learning to control his rage and accept his bloody past.

As far as video game narratives go, God of War is up there with the greats, and the reboot’s initial reveal at 2016’s E3 event – one which no fan in their right mind ever expected to see – still counts as one of the most memorable in the conference’s entire history. Given that Barlog’s God of War ended on a massive cliffhanger, the world is expecting him to deliver a sequel. But could this be it?