First In Game Footage From Dead Island

Deep Silver have released the first in game footage from their upcoming title Dead Island. The game is still looking quite good but the trailer itself doesn’t show off a whole lot. It’s just a tease though for E3, when the full trailer will be released. And considering that’s just a few weeks away, this trailer should be enough to keep you satisfied until the full one rolls out.

The open world horror/adventure game will have players trying to survive on an island that is infested with zombies. From a first person perspective you can play with up to three others in co-op and explore the sandbox environment, which is said to be quite interactive. The game will also include RPG elements like an XP system and skill tree.

For me, I’m just interested to see how Dead Island sets itself apart from the current king of zombie games, Dead Rising. Will it be different enough to be worthy of our attention? It looks like it has the potential to but we won’t know more until E3. It certainly sounds like a promising game but having never really loved Dead Rising, I’m worried this one may not be for me. I’ll reserve my judgement though until we see more from it.