Game & Wario Outed As Wii U Launch Window Release

Game & Wario, a brand new WarioWare game, will be released during the system’s launch window. That is, even though the game was absent from today’s press conference.

Utilizing the series’ microgame format, Game & Wario will be playable for between one and five players. Its list of activities includes:

Air – Players must use the game pad as a bow and arrow
Ski – Use the game pad’s tilt sensors to control a skier as he makes his way down a slope
Shutter – Criminals are hidden inside of a town, and only you can find them by snapping pictures.
Fruit – Players take control of different on-screen characters, who can be used to anonymously steal fruit. Afterwards, the controller is passed on to the next person, who must figure out who the thief was.

This is all that is known at this point, but we’ll let you know when we hear anything else about this unannounced title.

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