Watch: First Gameplay For Call Of Duty 2020 Reportedly Leaks Online

Call of Duty: Warzone

Activision’s annual military shooter is heading back to the Cold War period with this year’s installment.

That’s what many are expecting to be the case, at least, thanks to a number of leaks over the last few weeks or so, but do today’s developments add any validity to those claims? In truth, it’s hard to tell, as the subject of the headline that you’re undoubtedly here for doesn’t exactly give much away in terms of setting. In fact, if the disclaimer accompanying the footage below is true, then it tells us very little about what the supposed Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will actually look like when it releases later this year.

Originally shared over on Twitter by user Mark Walshburg, the pre-alpha gameplay has since been removed, with Walshburg notifying his followers that: “The heat is dying down so there may be a little more footage (again pre-alpha) to show off tomorrow. Goodnight everyone.” Fortunately, the brief clip has already surfaced elsewhere, though for who knows how long, so get your fill now before it’s too late.

Is it essential viewing? Even if we’re to assume it’s legitimate – not really. Near-to everything in a pre-alpha game build is subject to change before the finished product is decided upon, so it’s highly unlikely that what you see above will be representative of developer Treyarch’s latest efforts in just a few months’ time.

With Sony currently Activision’s go-to choice for timed exclusives, you can likely expect to catch your first official look at Call of Duty 2020 during the upcoming PlayStation 5 showcase. Originally scheduled to take place today, the platform holder has since delayed proceedings until an as-yet unspecified date. As soon as the situation changes though we’ll let you know, so stay tuned.