Gameplay Clips For Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Showcase New Jobs, Dungeons And More


It’s been threatening to spill over for aeons, but with upcoming expansion for Final Fantasy XIV – entitled Heavensward – the age-old war between the dragons of Dravania and the knights of Ishgard will finally come to a head.

Due to release in just over a month’s time, Square Enix has confirmed that the DLC will herald a raft of new jobs to take on, not to mention a series of dungeons to venture through. You can check out each of these new additions through the gameplay clips down below.

But what’s a Final Fantasy title – or indeed expansion – without a rousing soundtrack to go with it? In keeping with the franchise’s esteemed musical roots, veteran FF composer Nobuo Uematsu returns for Heavensward with a theme song titled Dragonsong – and no, it doesn’t bear any relation to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The original soundtrack is embedded above, and also features the dulcet tones of Susan Calloway.

As the first expansion pack for the rejuvenated MMO, there’s a buzz of excitement surrounding Heavensward as it creeps ever closer to its June release date. Come that time, ardent FFXIV players will be able to enjoy new raid missions and a familiar face in Alexander — a mechanical goliath that has appeared as a summoning across Final Fantasy VI, VII and VIII.

Heavensward will release for Final Fantasy XIV on June 23. Those who pre-order the MMO’s maiden expansion will be able to get early access and jump into the new content on June 19.