Gameplay Footage On Xbox One Can Be Shared To YouTube And Facebook In 2014


Social connectivity on the Xbox One, which will allow users to upload gameplay footage to YouTube and Facebook, won’t be implemented until 2014 according to Microsoft’s Xbox planning leader, Alberto Penello. In an interview with Destructoid, Penello elaborated by saying that the feature will only be compatible with Xbox Live at launch, before evolving to incorporate the aforementioned social platforms.

We’ve known for some time that the Xbox One will record up to five minutes of in-game footage, be it during online or offline play, though it’s clear that this feature will be limited to the company’s own platform immediately after its November release. During Microsoft’s demonstration at Tokyo Game Show, it was also confirmed that the captured footage can be saved, manipulated and uploaded to the server entirely using voice command on the console’s Live Studio.

Penello went on to explain that the footage captured will be 720p at 30fps, and will be readily available at the user’s voice activated command. Much like Sony’s plan with Gaikai streaming, though, it seems Microsoft won’t roll out the YouTube and Facebook sharing functionality until 2014. Nevertheless, the news will please community members who engage in Let’s Play videos and other variations for captured gameplay.

In terms of PlayStation 4, we understand that Sony will support HDMI game capture for its next-gen console, though the feature won’t be ready at launch and is expected to go live sometime in 2014, too. The Xbox One is slated to launch on November 22nd, 2013 in 13 markets worldwide. What’s more, Microsoft recently warned potential buyers that the console itself must be positioned in a horizontal position to accommodate the new slot loading drive.

What do you think of Microsoft’s plan to connect users to Facebook and YouTube in 2014? Would you have liked to have seen the feature implemented closer to the Xbox One’s launch? Let us know below.