Gameplay Footage From ZombiU Highlights Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference

Yesterday, Ubisoft let us know about ZombiU, a new apocalyptic title that they’re working on exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U. Pitting us against hungry flesh-eaters in present day London, England, the survival horror/first-person shooter mix will drive us to see how long we can survive using scavenged items and weapons.

What was noticeably absent during yesterday’s announcement was gameplay footage, which Ubisoft just debuted during Nintendo‘s media conference, using advertisement form. It showed how the Wii U GamePad controller will act as a multipurpose device. Not only will it be used for inventory management; it’ll also do a lot more. You can lift it up to scan in-game environments for clues, tap numerical buttons to hack digitally locked doorways and use its screen as a scope while sniping. Needless to say, it’s pretty neat.

ZombiU has quickly become one of my most-anticipated Wii U titles.