Gameplay And Origins Videos Reveal Ana As Overwatch’s Latest Hero


Widowmaker and Hanzo have some company. As promised, Blizzard has formally unveiled the latest hero bound for Overwatch, and she goes by the name of Ana Amari.

Described as “a battle-scarred agent who would do anything to protect the people closest to her,” Ana is a sniper by trade, boasting four key abilities that take center stage in the gameplay snippet embedded above. If you’re curious about Ana’s backstory and how she became enlisted in the Overwatch team, have a gander at the origins video, below.

As for those abilities, Sleep Dart and Ana’s Biotic Rifle immediately jump to attention, while players versed in Overwatch‘s sniper class ought to get some mileage out of the Nano Boost skill.

  • Biotic Rifle – Ana’s rifle shoots darts that can restore health to her allies or deal ongoing damage to her enemies. She can use the rifle’s scope to zoom in on targets and make highly accurate shots.
  • Sleep Dart – Ana fires a dart from her sidearm, rendering an enemy unconscious (though any damage will rouse them).
  • Biotic Grenade – Ana tosses a biotic bomb that deals damage to enemies and heals allies in a small area of effect. Affected allies briefly receive increased healing from all sources, while enemies caught in the blast cannot be healed for a few moments.
  • Nano Boost – After Ana hits one of her allies with a combat boost, they temporarily move faster, deal more damage, and take less damage from enemies’ attacks.

Launching via the game’s Public Test Realm today, July 12, Ana can already be accessed on PC platforms, with Blizzard poised to bring its brand new Overwatch mascot to PS4 and Xbox One soon.