Gamers Are Flipping Out Over The First Fully Embroidered Video Game


In a world where most Triple-A game studios trying to push graphics to be far more realistic than ever before, it can be a real treat to see an indie studio or developer take on a challenge to create something truly unique. Video games will get boring if they remain stagnant after all!

Thanks to a recent TikTok and a viral Tweet about it, gamers are suddenly learning about a game that they had previously missed as its graphics really stand out. Each animation in KATJEPULT was hand-embroidered making it look like nothing else out there. Which is all the wilder considering the game was made in just 48 hours.

Some Of The Hand Embroidered Scenes From The Game

KATJEPULT was created for Women Game Jam 2021 with Brad Smith coding and designing the game alongside Camille Carpentier making her game design debut while doing all of the original embroideries for the game’s graphics. While it was released a while back, fans coming across it now are absolutely awestruck by the adorable creativity the simple platformer presents.

Those who want to check out KATJEPULT can find it available for free on Currently, Carpentier is making more assets for the game which means we might see even more added to it in the future.