Gamers’ Reactions To The ‘Spongebox’ Are Gut-Bustingly Funny

Spongebob-Squarepants is the beloved kids TV show whose titular character has arrived on most gaming platforms via the new fighting game Nickelodeon All Star Brawl, a Smash Bros-esque experience that sees some of Nickelodeon’s most beloved characters getting flung out of an arena by their peers

Now, in a promotion for the game that released on October 5th, Xbox has announced the chance to win a unique version of an Xbox Series X with either Spongebob or Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And while we understand both are cartoon characters, we think Xbox might’ve been just a little caught off guard by just how hard people are now roasting what fans have dubbed “Spongebox.” Check out Xbox’s initial announcement tweet below:

The yellow sponge sure is channeling that marble slab these days.

I’m a serious gamer with a serious battle station.

It’s just the next evolutionary step in the sponge-console wars.

Nintendo did it first.

These are some seriously useful notes.

After receiving a good ribbing from the internet, even Xbox poked fun at itself.

We must admit a lot of the traction may be due to people genuinely wanting the special edition consoles since you’re instructed to follow and retweet the original post with the now-infamous Spongebox image with a hashtag to participate in the contest.

But like the blue or gold dress, covfefe, or people debating the existence of the Mandela Effect, it’s proving to be one of those inexplicable viral sensations that somehow encapsulates our cultural moment perfectly.

Check back right here for further developments on anything Spongbob-Squarepants related because what else do you have to do today?