Gamers want Glamrock Freddy, yes the animatronic bear, to be their dad or daddy

Image via Steel Wool Studios

It’s no surprise that a series with a fanbase as fervent as Five Night’s at Freddy’s would have gamers fawning over a new character, but this time it’s hit whole new levels. With the recent release of Security Breach, it looks like a brand new character exists for many to obsess over.

Glamrock Freddy seems to have pulled the heartstrings of many. It seems that his calling players “superstar” has made it so many have decided that he’s their dad now. In fact, fans were so enthusiastic that his name trended across Twitter on Monday with countless posts of the animatronic bear.

A particularly famous video from now-defunct Vine was referenced by many to show just how much of a dad Glamrock Freddy apparently is to them.

While plenty of posts were wholesome, it seems there are as many people who want to call Glamrock Freddy daddy as there are that want to call him dad. Seriously, many Twitter users have straight-up called him a “DILF,” which stands for dad I’d like to…we think you know the rest.

We can only imagine the folks at Steel Wool Studios who helped produce the game must be baffled, but in a good way, over how much people love the character. According to a statement they made back in January, it seemed like they were working hard on the game for most of the year.

“Everyone here at Steel Wool sends a special thanks to the FNAF community for all of your patience and positive attitudes as we continue working on Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach! 2020 was a crazy year and 2021 seems to want to keep that trend going. Through it all, the team is working hard on the next chapter of the FNAF gaming franchise and we are excited to show the fans more and more as we march towards release.”

Alright, now be honest: Do you think Glamrock Freddy from Security Breach is proper dad and/or daddy material? And of course, if you haven’t played the game yet, it’s available now on PS4, PS5, and PC.