These are the games leaving Xbox Game Pass in June 2022

games leaving xbox game pass in june 2022
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Xbox Game Pass has quickly become a must-have option for Xbox gamers as it provides access to a massive library of games both new and old included in one subscription price.

Each month this library grows larger as new games are added, but at the same time, some games have to leave to make room for new additions.

Heading into June there will be some changes so take a look at all of the games that will be exiting Xbox Game Pass at the end of May.

These are the games leaving Xbox Game Pass in June 2022

There are six games that will be departing from the Game Pass lineup heading into June. All of these games will be removed from the subscription service on May 31.

EA Sports NHL 20

Fans of the NHL series will have their offerings limited on May 31 as NHL 20 leaves the Game Pass library. This sports game was first released in 2019 and has since been succeeded by multiple titles, one of which is also available on the subscription service.

While NHL 20 will be going, you can relax as NHL 21 is available to download and play on Game Pass right now along with the most recent addition to the franchise, NHL 22.

Farming Simulator 19

Similar to NHL, when something new comes along the old’s days are numbered and this is the case for Farming Simulator 19. The game which allows players to live out their farming fantasies will be ending its tenure on Game Pass, though, with Farming Simulator 22 available, there shouldn’t be too much cause for concern.

Knockout City

Knockout City is EA’s team-based dodgeball-style game that first launched back in May of 2021. The game has since been available on Game Pass but now that is set to end. The good news is that Knockout City is going free-to-play.

This means that even if you aren’t a Game Pass customer, on June 1 you’ll be able to get on the action yourself completely free.

Resident Evil 7

One of the most popular entries into an extremely well-respected franchise, Resident Evil 7 will be leaving Game Pass on May 31. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard brought back the horror elements of the Resident Evil franchise in spectacular fashion winning the hearts of fans quickly after its launch.

Players who want to continue their adventure in the survival horror title will need to purchase the game to continue playing after it leaves Game Pass.

Superhot Mind Control Delete

What rose to popularity as a franchise showcasing the impressive abilities of VR technology, Superhot has since grown into a must-play franchise, and Superhot: Mind Control Delete is the third installment to this franchise. If you want to continue to play this game on Xbox after it leaves Game Pass you’ll need to purchase it from the store.

Yes, Your Grace

The final game leaving Xbox Game Pass on May 31 is Yes, Your Grace. This kingdom simulator forces players to choose between protecting or condemning their people, and striving to survive in medieval times. While it might be leaving Game Pass, if this sounds like something you’d like to check out it will still be available for purchase via the Xbox Store.

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