GameStop’s Giving Out An Exclusive Pokémon Card This Week


Players and collectors of the Pokémon Trading Card Game will have a good incentive to visit their local GameStop (or head online, if you’re still under lockdown) later this week. As pointed out by fansite PokéBeach earlier today, the US retailer will be distributing an exclusive card from Friday, March 19th, for an indeterminate period of time. Indeed, the company has yet to specify for just how long it’ll be holding stock of the promotional piece of cardboard, though we imagine it’ll mostly be a case of while supply lasts.

Considering the colossal surge in price and value in the Pokémon TCG over the last 12 months or so, it’s definitely not unreasonable to think these will be highly sought-after collectibles, especially given their limited availability. In order to get your own copy, only a purchase of related products amounting to $15 or more in total will make you eligible. Chances are, this will be an in-store-only affair, but we’ll keep you posted should the outcome be any different.

As for the ‘Mon being featured, check it out for yourself below:

In regards to the reasons behind this particular event, it’s likely part of an effort to drum up additional hype for upcoming expansion Battle Styles, which releases on the same day. Likewise, the above may be accompanied by a code to be entered in Switch games Sword and Shield to force an encounter with Gigantamx Flapple. This would mimic previous giveaways for Galar natives Copperajah and Centiskorch, after all, so we’d be surprised were that not the case.

As for Pokémon fans who live outside of the US, your best chances of securing the GameStop exclusive will be by perusing secondary markets such as eBay. As always, however, you’ll assuredly be required to pay a considerable sum. Stay tuned for further event details.