Gaming Comedy Show To Raise Money For Charity



Fans of gaming and comedy will be able to give back to charity in April as tickets for a special event being held in London are currently on sale. The event takes place in the capital city’s Comedy Store on Monday April 14th, 2014 and will raise money for GamesAid.

The show will be hosted by Imran Yusuf and will feature a variety of comedy acts. Yusuf is a former video games designer and has worked for a number of successful organisation. Later on he turned his talents and aspirations towards stand up comedy.

GamesAid is a registered charity set up in the UK which has its basis around raising money through video games and gaming technology. Through a combination of games sold via retail, digital bundles available for download and game memorabilia sold on eBay, GamesAid works towards supporting a number of smaller charities who raise funds for disadvantaged and disabled children and young people.

As an established gaming-based charity, it relies on democratic vote from the community who decide which charity the funds will go towards. The charity with the most votes will receive an equal share of the proceeds raised each year.

Money raised by the stand up show will be distributed across a range of young people charities. There are also a number of other events run by GamesAid this year, which include FIFA tournaments and Halo matches, as well as a half marathon being held this September, with Bethesda’s own Paul Oughton taking part.

If you live in the UK and wish to show your support for April’s gaming comedy show, you can purchase your tickets from the website here. All proceeds for the event will go towards GamesAid and it is just one of many ways in which the video gaming community can do good for others and make a difference.