Get Up Close And Personal With Knife Assaults In Gears Of War 4


Microsoft have made a recent habit of releasing teaser clips featuring gameplay footage from the upcoming third person shooter Gears of War 4.Today, another such clip has hit the web, demonstrating some of the rather gruesome execution tactics that players will be able to employ when the game releases.

The new gameplay clip – titled ‘Make It Personal’ – features Del vaulting up over a piece of cover to surprise a Swarm Drone. After the character staggers his target with a kick, and blasting his ally with a shotgun on the way, he turns to the knife for a deadly execution that swiftly dispatches the target enemy. It’s a move that’s quick and brutal in equal measure, and it’s simply a perfect appetizer for Gears of War 4.

In other news, the game’s developers have launched a feedback program which will run alongside the Beta testing periods in an attempt to benefit from useful comments in the latter stages of development. The Gears Feedback Program is an opt-in program, aiming to help The Coalition factor the feedback they receive into the development of their games.

If you want to join the initiative, you can head over to the Gears of War 4 website for more information and instructions on how your feedback can help the development of the game.

Gears of War 4 is due for Xbox One release in October this year, with a Beta testing period starting for select players from April 18.