Gargos Now Available As Part Of Latest Killer Instinct Patch


Demonic series villain Gargos is now available for Killer Instinct on Xbox One and Windows 10, developer Iron Galaxy has announced via its Ultra-Combo blog. Arriving alongside patch 3.1.5, Gargos’ trailer reveals his contemptuous and arrogant attitude towards the rest of the KI cast, as well as a preference for beating his opponents to a bloody pulp through the use of portals and hurling himself forward like a tornado of pure hatred. For a better idea of the character’s horrifying combat proficiency, see the trailer above.

In other news, patch 3.1.5 includes a huge number of balance changes to existing characters, as well as new features and big fixes.

See below for the full details:

Brand New Features!

  • Added New Character – Gargos
  • Default Costume
  • Accessories (3 Sets)
  • Color Variations (9 Colors)
  • Retro Costume
  • Accessories (3 Sets)
  • Color Variations (7 Colors)
  • Combo Assist Support
  • Added ability to make a Gargos Shadow in Shadow Lab

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that would occasionally occur when signing out of a profile on the Main Menu
  • Fixed a softlock that would sometimes occur when the player simultaneously pressed A and B on “Save Shadow Data”
  • Fixed an issue where watching a replay of a Shadow Survival or Survival match would cause Current Health at the end of the replay to carry over into a new Survival match
  • Fixed an issue in Training Mode where Mira would remain invisible when the player reset her position while she was in mist form during her Ultra Combo
  • Fixed an issue where some of Retro Mira’s VFX would be missing in a mirror match
  • Fixed an issue where you would briefly see Mira’s scythe below her during her Aerial Counter Breaker

System Changes:

  • Fixed a bug causing the attacker in a throw tech situation (the one who initiated the throw) to not be pushed back by the throw tech, resulting in closer-than-expected positioning, especially noticeable in the corner.

Just two characters are left to be announced for Killer Instinct‘s third season. One is heavily rumored to be Gears Of War‘s General RAAM, but the last one remains a mystery. Could it be filled by Eyedol?

Source: GameSpot

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