Gaze At The Wonders Of Yharnam With This Rare Bloodborne Map

Bloodborne: 'gruelling and oppressive'.

If you’ve experienced Bloodborne for yourself – or indeed any of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s past Souls games – chances are you’ll have found yourself lost and without a paddle on more than one occasion. Essentially, it’s a key tenet of From Software’s game design; thrust the player into a haunting environment and allow them to peel back the mysterious secrets without implementing a map or any tangible form of hand-holding. Granted, such an old-school approach doesn’t appeal to every player, but it bestows the experience with an incredible amount of awe as you piece together Miyazaki’s wonderful, slightly obtuse puzzle.

As a matter of fact, one loyal and dedicated member of the Bloodborne community has managed to recreate a map of the entire game, showcasing the intricate level design within the dark, blood-drenched world of Yharnam. Taking to Reddit under the username Hypnotyks, the ardent fan has shared the detailed schematic for other Hunters to take heed of.

If you’re of the mindset that you want to unravel From’s title for yourself, then you may consider the below image as minor spoilers. Even still, it’s a great birds-eye view of the interlocking areas, and you’ll be able to find a secondary map from the same perspective that also includes the locations of the game’s lanterns – checkpoints comparable to Dark Souls‘ bonfire system.

Bloodborne is about as challenging as you’d expect from the creative minds behind the Souls series, so having a map to check back with every once in a while is certainly a welcome addition.


Source: Reddit