Gearbox Details Battleborn Microtranscations And Extensive DLC Plans

Battleborn incursion

Gearbox has shed light on the ways in which microtransactions play into upcoming hero shooter Battleborn, along with the studio’s extensive post-launch plans for DLC.

Those familiar with the developer’s track record with Borderlands will know all too well that Gearbox tends to continue supporting its releases long after day one, and we’re pleased to report that such a strategy will continue with the launch of Battleborn in May.

First up, an official statement from the creative team outlines microtransactions for cosmetic items such as stylized gear and other apparel.

“That’s why Battleborn has a huge variety of skins and taunts that come with the game at launch, and we will continue to release even more cosmetic customizations post-launch, some of which we will sell in-game,” the developer explained. “This kind of optional cosmetic content has absolutely no effect on the gameplay, and helps us keep all the additional heroes, modes, maps, and other features that extend the core gameplay experience, free for everyone.”

Set to launch with 25 playable characters, initial DLC plans will welcome an additional five heroes soon after release, all of whom will be free. The first of which is Alani, “a warrior from a planet with vast seas” that harbors an ability to control water. Expect Gearbox to release details for each content pack in the weeks and months to come.

Battleborn is set for launch on May 3, when it will be fending off competition from genre brethren Overwatch – Blizzard’s fellow hero shooter will host a beta test on the same date. For more information regarding Gearbox’s post-launch plans, check out the graphic below.