Gearbox Maps Out Battleborn DLC Plans For The Months Ahead


Battleborn may not write its name in the history books as a genuine hit – that much we know – but developer Gearbox Software is staunch in its commitment to delivering post-launch content.

Case in point: A new update posted to the shooter’s blog maps out DLC plans for the months ahead, with many fans clamouring for the first story mission, Attikus and the Thrall Rebelling, to debut on October 21. There’s plenty of Battleborn content cramming up the pipeline, though.

Per Gearbox:

“We’ve been cranking away on Battleborn all summer long and we continue delivering lots of free content to your doorstep with new heroes, maps, modes, and more. BUT, we’ve also been reprioritizing aspects of the game that you–our awesome fans–told us were important. As a result, some things are taking a little more time to complete than originally planned.”

To date, two of the promised five DLC characters have been introduced to Battleborn – the third of which is on the verge of joining the galactic chaos – while there’s mention of the second add-on story mission Toby’s Friendship Raid arriving in the fall. Season Pass holders will be able to hop into each operation from the get-go, opening up access to unlockable skins, taunts, and titles. Each pack can also be picked up as standalone purchase for $5.

“Every Story Operation is playable solo or co-op with up to three buddies. The Operations themselves are side stories that expand on some Battleborn hero’s lore, sending you right into the middle of the action. They are shorter than the main Story Missions and highly replayable. Each playthrough moves you towards unlocking more lore, skins, titles, and taunts. Not to mention, the dialogue, enemies, and objective change depending on your current playthrough.”

Tell us, are you still logging hours in Gearbox’s Battleborn?