Gearbox Software Prepping For Next Borderlands Game, Issues Recruitment Call



Before Gearbox Software unveiled Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel — the studio’s meta spinoff that took place on Pandora’ moon, Elpis — the vast majority of fans readily assumed that the next iteration would have been the inevitable Borderlands 3, particularly when you consider the success of its beloved predecessor.

Alas, that wasn’t the case, but today Gearbox has issued a recruitment call to the gaming industry as it gears up for development of its next title, which Randy Pitchford — the studio’s head honcho — described as “the big one.”

Pitchford teased development of the next iteration in the shooter franchise during Gearbox’s presentation at PAX South over the weekend, where the company was placing a heavy emphasis on its currently in development MOBA, Battleborn. Speaking of which, given that the first-person genre mash-up is on course for a release later this year, it could be late 2016 before we see Borderlands 3 in action.

As for the aforementioned Pre-Sequel, in typical Gearbox fashion, the studio is still rolling out additional content for the spinoff, with Lady Aurelia the Baroness arriving on January 28. It’s understood that the Huntress will boast ice abilities along with a steady eye for sniping enemies. The Lady Hammerlock pack will be available as part of the game’s season pass, but can also be purchased as standalone DLC. It is the third of four planned add-ons, with the final content pack arriving later this year, one which will place you in the mind of Claptrap — what could possibly go wrong?

For those yet to experience the bombastic, balls-to-the-wall goodness within Gearbox’s shooter, we have good news: the studio recently revealed a comprehensive collection of the series in the form of Borderlands: The Handsome collection.

We’ll keep you posted on the development of Borderlands 3 as more information appears. For now, tell us, which direction would you like to see Gearbox Software push the franchise? Let us know below.


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