Gears Of War 3 Spoilers Will Face The Banhammer

Gears of War 3, the next big Xbox exclusive, hits retail shelves in just over a month but some sneaky people already have the game. Epic Games is warning everyone that should you post campaign spoilers on sites like YouTube, you’ll lose the privilege to play the game.

Gears 3 executive producer Rod Fergusson told Edge:

“We’re extremely diligent about getting that stuff taken down and issued a call to fans to not perpetuate it… and just keeping track of those who do. I don’t think everybody’s aware of the potential repercussions of those types of actions.”

What does Fergusson mean by repercussions? In an interview with Eurogamer:

“We have a banning system built into our stuff so we can go in and identify certain people. Some people aren’t smart about what they do. They’ll be disappointed on [the] 20th [of] September when they can’t get in and can’t play. They may be banned.

“We had one of my video chats and somebody went into the chat room and tried to yell all caps spoilers throughout the chat room to try to ruin the experience for the thousand people who were watching me. It’s that kind of stuff that just drives me crazy.

“If you don’t value this community, you don’t value this experience, then we don’t value you. I’d rather pick that one bad apple out of the pool so everybody else can have a better time.”

A very bold and admirable move. Although, banning spoilers are useless. Everyone knows Snape kills Dumbledore……oops.

Gears of War 3 is scheduled for release on September 20th, exclusively on Xbox 360.