Gears Of War 4’s DLC Maps Will Be Playable By Everyone


Gears of War 4the continuation of one of Microsoft’s most beloved series, is bringing back their famous Horde Mode with an interesting new feature. Following its launch, developer The Coalition will offer an array of downloadable content, through which they will introduce an impressive 24 new multiplayer maps to the core game. The best part is, each and every one of those maps will be playable in Horde mode. But that’s not all – provided the host has purchased a DLC map, everyone in the lobby will be able to play.

DLC has proven to be a double edged sword over the years, but fans of first person shooters have it particularly rough. Sure, they get to expand one of their favorite games with newly designed maps and arenas, but typically DLC maps split the community.

The majority of players will not purchase every piece of new content made available, and this always necessarily divides the community into smaller and smaller chunks. That Gears of War 4 will circumvent this issue is a great sign that developer The Coalition is committed to providing everyone with an enjoyable experience.

Fans of the series will get their chance to test out Horde Mode when Gears of War 4 goes on sale October 11th.

Source: Gaming Bolt