Gears Of War 3 Will Award You Based On Previous Accomplishments

Recently, inFAMOUS 2 awarded players who had played through its predecessor, by giving them starting bonuses based on specific trophies they’d earned. According to Rod Fergusson (executive producer at Epic Games,) Gears of War 3 will do something similar for its fans.

During a Gears event in New York recently, Fergusson spoke about how previous accomplishments in the game’s predecessor will net gamers special weapon skins and perhaps other bonuses as well. He pointed out that most of the unlocks pertain to weapons, at least as far as the ‘historical stuff’ goes.

“Two of the weapon skins are based on historical weapon skins, so if you want the gold lancer and the gold hammerburst in Gears 3, you get them by owning the gold hammerburst and the gold lancer in Gears 2, so those skins transfer over,” he explained.

Those gold skins were given to customers who purchased the Gears of War 2 Special Edition set. Some codes were also given out during giveaways. Though there will also be chrome skins awarded via this bonus program.

“If you did something in Gears PC you get a chrome skin, if you did something in Gears 2 you get a chrome skin,” said Fergusson. “The chrome set is sort of our thank you to people who played our games in the past.”

“Generally whenever we do unlocks, we do it based on achievements. That’s why I’ve been trying to tell people about the level 100 thing. No, it’s not about getting level 100 [in Gears 2 multiplayer], it’s about Veteran Gear. Get that achievement and that’ll get you something. I don’t care if you’re level 100, you have to have the Veteran Gear achievement.”

Epic Games previously announced how the Rookie Gear achievement from Gears of War 2 will award players the chrome hammerburst skin. It, along with these unlocks, will not give anyone an advantage as they’re only cosmetic.

Gears of War 3 will be released September 30.

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