Gears Of War 3 ‘Season Pass’ Announced, $30 On Day Of Release

The game may not even be out yet but Epic Games already has their DLC packs for Gears of War 3 planned. Knowing that there are a huge amount of people who will buy no matter what, they’re taking a leaf out of LA Noire‘s book and are offering a ‘Season Pass’ from the same day as release, September 20th.

This Season Pass will entitle purchasers to the first four DLC packs, due for release over the year following release, at a discounted price of $30. Microsoft says that this is a 33% discount.

There are upsides and downsides to deals like this. The downside of course is that you’re spending $90 on the day of release, buying DLC that you haven’t seen and, in some cases, won’t have access to for many, many months. But, if you know for a fact that you’ll be playing religiously, then I don’t suppose that that really matters.

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