Gears Of War 3 Is Not The End

Executive Producer Rod Fergusson told CVG that the third instalment in the Gears of War series won’t be the last videogame that will take place in that universe, the world of Gears of War will live on. Furthermore, he assured us that the story of Marcus Fenix will come to an end with this title, promising a conclusion that will answer all questions and an ending which he also adds, will go out with a bang.

Here’s some of the things Rod Fergusson said to CVG:

“We’re not blowing up the world so Sera and the Gears universe will live on, but for us we didn’t want to betray our customers and community by having a cliff-hanger ending where you’re like ‘argh I just got duped, now I’ve gotta wait until the next game’.We wanted to have closure, we wanted people to have some satisfaction that they were along for this ride and they lived through a story.We’re not going to reveal everything because we want some mystique left in our universe, but this is the Marcus Fenix story and people should feel satisfied after playing through that. We’re bringing the biggest campaign we’ve ever made, we’re bringing Horde, we’re bringing Beast, we’re bringing a really deep multiplayer with rewards and unlocks and thousands of hours of gameplay. To me this is the best Gears that Epic has ever made. It’s a no-brainer – it’s the game you have to get.”

As a gamer that has spent a lot of hours playing both Gears of War and Gears of War 2, I am happy to see that they decided to not leave any major cliffhangers and actually give us a proper ending. I also appreciate the fact that they won’t stop making games based on the Gears of War universe, after all, it’s a post-apocalyptic universe that’s full of explosions and testosterone! Sounds like a perfect place to set a game. What do you think though?

Do you agree with me on wanting the Gears of War Universe to be used after the departure of Marcus Fenix, or do you not want to see Epic “milking the cow any more” as some would say?