Gears Of War 4 Video Showcases Horde 3.0 Mode And New Class-Based System In Action


Over the course of the weekend, Seattle will play host to PAX West – the annual Penny Arcade expo is set to get underway tomorrow, September 2 – with scores and scores of upcoming games expected to populate the show floor. One of those new releases that has secured its spot is Gears of War 4, the hotly-anticipated shooter sequel in the works over at The Coalition.

Slated for launch across PC and Xbox One on October 11 thanks to Microsoft’s new Xbox Play Anywhere program, today brings forth a new and extended look at the Horde 3.0 game mode that was first showcased during E3 in June. A class-based survival mode by nature, the snippet above pits five players – a Soldier, Sniper, Scout, Heavy, and an Engineer – against waves upon waves of increasingly difficult enemies.


There are 50 waves in total, with players set to duke it out with a boss every 10 rounds. But don’t fret, The Coalition has introduced a new feature into the fan-favorite mode that ought to bolster your arsenal. It’s called the Fabricator tool, allowing players to construct defenses, turrets and weapons anywhere on the map.

Gears of War 4 will deploy for Xbox One and PC on October 11. Per the Xbox Play Anywhere feature, players who own both PC and Xbox One can pick up the sequel digitally on Xbox One to get a free digital copy on PC, or vice-versa.

Tell us, are you excited to go toe-to-toe with the Swarm in little over a month’s time?

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