Gears Of War 4’s March Update Adds New Maps, Ranked Lobbies And More


Gears of War 4 developer The Coalition has today rolled out the first of the shooter’s new content for the month of March, which includes new maps, weapon rebalancing and the addition of ranked lobbies. Starting with the two new battlegrounds. Diner and Old Town, which are available to all season pass holders from today, both look to promote an eclectic mix of combat situations, including close quarters and long range skirmishes.

Diner in particular, which you can find an overview video of above, represents one of the most “refined tactical experiences yet seen” in a Gears 4 map, according to The Coalition, and was developed over the course of 18 months. The centerpiece of the map is undoubtedly the diner itself, which you shouldn’t even contemplate going into without a shotgun or other close range weapon at hand. If you don’t fancy getting up close and personal with the enemy, the surrounding parking lot provides plenty of space to flank opponents.

As for Old Town, it may have received a makeover, but series fans will recognize its simple yet enjoyable layout from Gears of War 3. Three distinct, open-ended lanes make up Old Town’s structure, with power weapons scattered throughout the middle in order to encourage teams to risk life and limb for the extra firepower. Both maps will be available to all players, season pass or no, on March 14 when they’re added to the standard map rotation.

Moving on to Ranked Lobbies, The Coalition says their release should help to “improve the flow of matchmaking in Ranked playlists,” which will immediately place you into a pre-game lobby when queueing for a match in the Core or Competitive playlists. Map voting and customization options will available, too, with any early quitters being replaced before the match starts rather than leaving teams unbalanced. Finally, following fan feedback, Gears 4‘s classic Gnasher shotgun has received a few tweaks to make it more reliable in a firefight.

Gears of War 4 is available now for Xbox One and Windows 10. If you’ve yet to enjoy its delightfully gory combat, see here for our review.