Gears Of War: Judgement Looks Somewhat Juvenile

Emerging from behind the waist high walls over at Game Informer, these Gears of War: Judgement cover images for their upcoming July issue have a lot to say – even if it is in a slightly higher pitch than we’re used to.

With Damon Baird and Augustus ‘Cole Train’ Cole both being escorted away from the battlefield, one has to wonder what on earth constitutes a crime when you have a swarm of Locusts trying to chainsaw your face off. Speaking of faces, either the COG army have enacted a new mandatory metro-sexual skin care routine, or the suspiciously non-numbered entry into the series is going to be a prequel.

Due to be fully unveiled at E3 this Monday at 12:30pm ET/ 9:30am PT during Microsoft’s press conference, these Game Informer images may have been the first to break cover, but an entire army of news is no doubt laying in wait just up ahead.

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