Gears Of War: Judgment Gets Second Free MAXIM DLC Map On May 15th


Gears of War: Judgment fans have something to look forward to this week as the second free downloadable map from MAXIM, titled Dreadnought, will be made available for OverRun players on May 15th.

The Dreadnought map is aiming to thrust players back into the months immediately following Emergence Day as the COG managed to capture a group of the terrifying Locust Berserkers. In an attempt to escape the underground Locust threat, the COG decides to transport the ravenous enemies by sea on the CNV Pomeroy.

In route to a secure research facility, COG forces face off against a powerful waterborne threat unleashed from the underground rivers of the Hollow by Locust forces. The Pomeroy is cornered into a narrow channel and forced ashore. As the ship is helplessly stalled on the beach, the COG forces must face overwhelming odds against Locust troops sent to reclaim their fallen comrades.

Little information has been provided to shed light on what players can expect when they jump into the Dreadnought map, but a quick glance at the image above seems to suggest that players can expect to fend off the Locust horde on the deck of the Pomeroy itself as they attempt to free the Berserker prisoners.

Will you be picking up MAXIM’S DLC offering for Gears of War: Judgment, or is free simply not your style? Be sure to leave us your thoughts in the comments below