New Nintendo Switch Dock Is Small Enough To Fit In Your Pocket

Genki Convert Dock Nintendo Switch

Genki Covert Dock Nintendo Switch

While the Nintendo Switch has revolutionized the way we play games at home and on the go, it does have a few shortcomings. While the system itself is well-suited for portability, some of its accessories are not — mainly, the dock, which connects the Switch up to a modern display. It’s a rather bulky piece of equipment, and seeing as how a brand new dock and power adapter costs nearly $100, any dreams of making all of your TVs Switch-ready can fall apart once you factor in the cost.

That’s where Human Things comes in. After launching 2018’s most successful gaming hardware campaign on Kickstarter, the company is back at it again with the Genki Convert Dock. This “pocket-sized peripheral” combines the Switch’s dock and power adapter into one bite-sized unit, which comes in at less than 10% the size of Nintendo’s own equipment. Better yet, Human Things’ newest device also has the ability to charge other devices — complying with USB PD 3.0 protocols — and also supports accessories via its standard USB Type-A port, including wired controllers and ethernet adapters. If you plan on using it with a computer or laptop, you can even plug in a wireless mouse or flash drive.

While the early bird pricing for the Covert Dock is already sold out (the Kickstarter campaign reached its funding target in less than an hour), you can still nab one for a mere $59. Human Things is aiming for to have units delivered sometime in December, which means that pre-orders should arrive just in time for the holiday season. We’re aiming to have a review up on the site in the future, so be sure to check back and see how the final version fares.