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Genshin Impact Gets New Trailer Introducing Gameplay Of Aloy From Horizon Zero Dawn

The character looks incredibly exciting in this recent trailer.

Genshin Impact quickly became a smash hit when it was released in September 2020. The open-world adventure RPG and gacha game has resonated with players and developed a massive fanbase. This is thanks in part to its fun story and interesting gameplay. It has also received praise for its unique roster of playable characters, and the newest character is no exception to this rule. 

MiHoYo, the publisher of Genshin Impact, released a trailer for version 2.1 of the game. And this trailer showed footage of a new character. But this character isn’t an original one. In fact, it is Aloy from 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn. Horizon Zero Dawn was an open-world roleplaying game that had players control Aloy as she ventured through a post-apocalyptic world ruled by massive robotic enemies. 

MiHoYo describes Aloy as: 

“A skilled hunter is always on the prowl for new and thrilling experiences. Braving this strange new world of Teyvat will be Aloy’s latest trial.”

The trailer shows off Aloy’s many abilities, including her trademark bow. Aloy is an expert marksman and is thus able to fire off many arrows in rapid succession. Aloy’s charged attack will allow you to precisely aim the bow, letting you hit specific targets with ease. Also, when her charged attack is fully charged, this shot will deal Cryo damage. 

Aloy’s elemental attack is called Frozen Wilds. This attack sees Aloy pulling out a freeze bomb and throwing it towards a foe. On impact, this bomb explodes and splits into several chillwater bomblets that also explode on impact or after a short time. Anyone unlucky enough to be in the bomb’s blast radius will take Cryo damage, as well as getting an attack debuff. 

Whenever an enemy gets this debuff, Aloy acquires a coil stack. If Aloy gains four of these, she enters Rushing Ice. This mode turns her normal attacks into Cryo attacks.

Aloy’s elemental burst is called Prophecies Of Dawn. This attack sees Aloy throw a Cryo-filled power cell into the air before detonating it with a well-placed arrow. This triggers a blast that does area of effect Cryo damage. 

To round her off, Aloy has three passive talents. This includes Easy Does It, a talent that makes small animals harder to startle. Combat Override, a buff that improves Aloy and her allies’ attack power whenever Aloy gets a coil stack. Finally, Strong Strike gives Aloy a damage bonus whenever she enters her Rushing Ice state. 

Aloy will join the roster on September 1st, 2021. However, at first, she will only be available to players that are playing on PlayStation. Players on other formats will have to wait for update 2.2. to get hold of her. She will be given free to any player who has reached Adventure Rank 20 when they log into the game. 

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